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4 Questions iPhone X Reviews Should Answer

Apple has made its iPhone X flagship as elusive as possible ahead of its Nov. 3 market release. Details about the iPhone X are available, thanks to hands-on demos from Apple’s Sept. 12 launch event, but in-depth reviews for the device likely won’t be available for several weeks.

Major publications were allowed to publish reviews for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Sept. 19, just days before their Sept. 22 release. In turn, further details about iPhone X likely won’t be available until about Oct. 31; however, Apple has not confirmed when reviews will go live.

While this has likely driven demand for the iPhone X, there are many questions about the device that fans and pundits are anxious to have answered. Here’s some of what we expect to learn once the iPhone X has come out of hiding.

How well does Face ID work?

While Apple insists that its first ever Face ID demo didn’t actually fail, those outside of Apple haven’t had any real life experience with the feature. Official reviewers should take note of Face ID’s failure rate, if the mechanism can be spoofed and whether angles or lighting can affect authentication.

How bright is the OLED display in real time?

Apple has hailed the iPhone X display as being the best OLED screen on the market; however, there are already some concerns about its brightness. Apple indicates that display brightness goes up to 625 nits on the iPhone X. Meanwhile, competitor devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 exceed 1200 nits in brightness. Official reviewers should take note of how the iPhone X display appears at maximum brightness and how brightness on competitor devices should be adjusted to compare. Is viewing comfortable for the eyes at maximum brightness? How well are images, videos and words presented on the display?  

Is the top notch annoying in everyday use?

The top notch on the iPhone X has been one of its biggest criticisms. Though it houses all of the special front-facing sensors on the iPhone X, many have especially complained that it takes away from the aesthetic look of the device. Early demos have revealed that the notch does not account for the scroll bar when the handset is in landscape mode. Official reviewers should take note of whether the notch gets in the way of the device’s full-screen viewing experience and how long it takes to get used to the feature. Should users worry about the landscape scrollbar being hidden behind the notch?

Is battery life actually extended by two hours compared to the iPhone 7 Plus?

While Apple claims the iPhone X has an improved battery life, compared with the iPhone 7 Plus, recent reports indicate the smartphone has a smaller battery than its predecessor. A recently leaked government filing suggests the iPhone X has a 2,716 mAh battery, while the iPhone 7 Plus has a 2,915 battery. Official reviewers should take note of battery depletion in general use in comparison to older iPhones, as well as battery drain when idle, while browsing, playing videos, and in comparison to devices running older versions of iOS.